GP Midgets

The Midget Grand Prix formula is the fastest of all those that grace the country's Stock Car circuits, but these machines are just about as far from Stock Cars as you can get. The cars are pure racers and use highly tuned engines, but are still well within the budget of the working man.

The tracks, known to aficionados these days as 'small ovals' rather than Stock Car tracks, consist of two short straights joined by two 180 degree bends. Average speeds over the quarter mile tracks are therefore lower than the likes of Brands Hatch, but the acceleration is phenomenal as the cars burst up to seventy miles per hour for a few seconds before the driver slams on the brakes and turns into the bend.

Forthcoming Fixtures

There are no forthcoming fixtures for this formula.

Latest Points

23 Clifford Bunn
2 Mark Greensmith
3 Leon Smith
10 Dave Bonsor
13 Matthew Munson
15 Marc De Land
23 Clifford Bunn
25 Alex Butcher
27 Peter Gillett
31 Jonathan Pooley
32 Daniel Pooley
33 Gordon Pooley
37 Tony Smith
40 Steve Sutch
59 Steve Young
77 Neil Clarke
595 Jamie Young
7 Campbell Mcsausage
37 Anthony Smith
148 Mal Fozzy Foskett
214 John Fagetter
888 Andrew Phillips
27 Peter Gillet
72 Ryan Jones
76 Allen Herbet
101 Francois Damen
100 Richie Sheepeins
4 Michael Sutch
888 Andy Phillips
55 Jack Hodges
2 Liam Barry
513 Roy Slocombe
67 Alan Herbert
64 Michael Beech
17 Thomas Gray
93 Alan Forster
6 Dave Barry
16 Andrew Bilby
208 Andy Collins
214 John Baggetta
7 Scott Roff